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Training & Reference

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Client connections

To connect your cairs.net client:

1.      When you receive the “Cairs.net connection error”, click Yes

2.      When the “Connect to cairs.net” window appears, click the New button

3.      On the “Edit Connections” window

a.      Optional: Type a name in the Connection Name field that will identify to you which site you are connecting to.

b.      In the Domain Name field, based on your region, enter mycairs.com/<site_name> (i.e. “mycairs.com/conf_play”)

c.      If you wish to use a secure connection, check the https box

d.      Click OK

4.      Click Save

Subscriber Portal connections

If you are trying to connect to a site’s Subscriber Portal, enter the following into your browser’s address bar: https://mycairs.com/<site_name>/sp


If you are experiencing difficulties with your CAIRS system, please contact the Unique Communications Support team via any of the following methods:

Hours of operation: 0400-1900 PST

Commercial Phone: 702-216-0266, option 1

DSN: 312-682-7157

Email: support@unique.net

Web: http://unique.net/support